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Last week, the Embassy had the honor to welcome the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, H.E. Robbert Dijkgraaf, to Indonesia. Dijkgraaf led his first ever Knowledge Mission with a delegation that was comprised of chairs from Dutch knowledge institutions, aiming to strengthen academic cooperation and exchange between the Netherlands and

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Six Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Surveillance

If police in your community are saying they want to install a new surveillance technology — face recognition, cameras, or license plate scanners, for example — they’re likely to be touted as the way to prevent all manners of evil, from terrorism to street crime to fraud to package theft. If we just record everything, surveillance boosters would have us

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New study indicates age plays a key role in the relationship

As technology has gotten more popular, multitasking has greatly increased. Nowadays people use their smartphones for a plethora of purposes, all while also engaging with the world around them- but are we really able to focus on all of that at once? A study published in Scientific Reports seeks to investigate how media multitasking is related to multitasking ability.


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St. C. tech trainer goes full-time | News, Sports, Jobs

Calvin Connor’s position as technology trainer for the St. Clairsville Public Library is expanding to full-time to help the community with technology questions. The new Cricut cutting and design machine is one of the tools and services patrols can use.

CDM launches new courses on social commerce, data analytics,

MANILA, Philippines — Certified Digital Marketer (CDM), IMMAP’s official educational partner that provides the highest standard and industry-vetted training programs in the Philippines, launches its new events and public classes this third quarter of 2022 to support the re-skilling and upskilling needs of Filipino businesses. 

Navigate the challenging business environment and market landscape with the help of CDM’s online, expert-led,

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Higher Education in the Face of New Technologies Is an

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant changes in higher education. Higher education includes general, technical or professional education, which requires a level of training greater than or equal to the baccalaureate or its equivalent. During the moments of confinement, the research laboratories were closed, the courses were given remotely, and the students

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